Tacoma Sun Editors Interviewed on Grit City Podcast


Our first podcast!  Click on the below link to open the media player:


Last week, we at the Tacoma Sun were honored to be guests on the amazing civically minded Tacoma group: The Grit City Podcast.   The podcast took place in the beautifully restored Union Club.

In the show, we discussed an array of issues facing Tacoma including parking, housing affordability, the future of scooters, Ruston Way, homelessness, beer, and even touched a bit on The Historic Sins of Tacoma which we hope to discuss more in the future podcast.

You have listen to the episode here.

Here is a summary of the show according to GC:

About this Episode

On this episode the guys are joined by Josh Jorgensen and Erik Bjornson who are restarting The Tacoma Sun. The Tacoma Sun is a digital news source that is “Working to make Tacoma a more vibrant, healthy and inclusive city using best urban practices.”

1:35 – Justin explains their new Patron site, working with Shroom Brothers to make their new logo, and they talk about Castle Security & Protection being their latest business tier contributor. Justin introduces Erik and Josh, they talk about the windstorm issues that happened the day before, and then talk goes to Erik and Josh bringing back the Tacoma Sun. They talk about getting involved in Tacoma, Justin talks about growing up in Tacoma, and they cover the scooter service that’s now offered in Tacoma.

16:30 – The guys talk about public transportation, the Tacoma City Council talking about the communities concern with the scooters, and the cost of parking in Tacoma and Seattle. They talk about the conflict that was around bringing Uber to the Tacoma area, Tacoma’s major focus on putting parking areas downtown in the past, and the groups’ ideas around how Tacoma could improve it. Josh talks about what brought him to Tacoma in 2011 and comparison of Tacoma to other areas he’s been to around the world.

31:26 – Justin talks about a recent topic in Reddit around using part of the county jail that isn’t being used for the homeless, how the east coast cities have dealt with the homeless in their communities, and Tacoma’s innovation that came from putting the UWT downtown. Brogan talks about the weird public spaces in Tacoma, the Pacific Ave redesign, and McMenamins make over.

45:08 – Conversation turns to elderly people in the Tacoma area’s concern with the city putting in senior and low income housing, Proctor parking, and the extension of the shopping offered in the Proctor area. Brogan brings up Point Ruston, they talk about Tacoma’s long term goal to build a beautiful esplanade from downtown Tacoma to the Point Defiance Park. Chat then goes to downtown Tacoma being almost abandoned in 1978 and the empty space in the area where people can easily start a business in Tacoma.

60:54 – Scott talks about The Conservatory in Tacoma, where it’s located, and what other hidden treasures are in the area. They talk about the Chinese Tunnels in the area, Tacoma’s corrupted history, and Tacoma’s continual desire to rebuild and repair the city. This episode comes to a close with how people can get ahold of Erik and Josh and plans for them to return to discuss “The Sins of Tacoma”.

Thanks Erik and Josh for an interesting conversation around Tacoma!

Enjoy the podcast!  Click on the below link to open the media player:


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